Are you ready?
Do you want to get rid of chronic pain or stress?

Are you actively working towards your natural balance?
Or support with physical and mental challenges?

Centrum Acupuncture Structural integration supports you in this.


  • With treatments and advice: knowledge and insight to get better in your body.
  • So that you will recognize old patterns that no longer support you and you can replace them with functional new patterns.

You can go to Centrum Acupuncture Structural Integration for a variety of health questions and training. For working on and improving general health to more complex physical and mental complaints. To healthy aging or recovering after trauma or illness.

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Sylvia~Isaya (Structural Integration) and Cas Rooseboom (Acupuncture)

We work on sustainable health, solving complaints, prevention and optimal functioning.

Our Methods


Within the ancient Chinese medicine, body and mind are seen as a whole. Physical, emotional and mental development constantly influence each other. Complaints are therefore not viewed as isolated phenomena, but as disturbances that tell something about the entire body.


Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment method that can be used to treat various physical and psychological complaints. Acupuncture stimulates the whole body to tackle the problems itself and initiate healing processes.

Within Centrum Acupuncture Structural Integration we work with classical acupuncture, which looks at cause and connections. With very thin needles, mildly effective techniques and applications such as Moxa (introducing heat), Cupping (removing tension) and Guasha (dissolving stagnation).

Individual routes

Both in an Acupuncture trajectory and in a Structural integration trajectory we work from an individual approach and follow a strategy with clear steps that help you achieve your goal, whether this is pain-free movement, trouble-free sleep or support you with the challenges in your life.


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massage therapy

Structural integration is about the connective tissue and is part of massage therapy which is about form and function: why does the body move the way it does and which form suits you.
Or: what shape does the body have and what effect does this have on movement. Think of different body tensions.

For example, a sporty body can have overstrain if it has trained too hard. An office worker can have an undervoltage because he has not moved enough. But a traumatic experience can also change the posture and movements of the body in such a way that the body blocks.

These tensions can be recognized by pain or stress. Information that is recognized by the body, but if the owner of this body cannot properly interpret this information, recurring or permanent complaints can be developed.

Connective tissue therapy / structural integration can offer a solution here.
You learn to interpret body signals correctly
so you can avoid stress and pain.

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Who are we:

Cas Rooseboom, acupuncturist

As an artist I have learned to observe and interpret the language of abstraction.

Now, as an acupuncturist and structural body worker, I use these qualities, along with my experience as an oriental health sports teacher, to get to grips with the language of your body. This allows you to restore strength and solve and prevent complaints.


I am experience­expert when it comes to chronic complaints. For example, with the help of Tai Chi I solved a lumbar disc herniation and managed to stop a 40-year-long asthma in a 10-day meditation.

The combination of meditation and movement works for me. By continuing to move from the inside as well as from the outside, it is possible to dissolve tension and pain.

With this experience and the knowledge from studies of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and structural strategies (fascia work), I would like to help you find your vital and relaxed body.

Elly H, Retired Yoga teacher, Amstelveen

Dank Cas, voor de behandeling vanochtend. Het is zo goed, en ik ben zo blij om weer "in contact" te zijn en weer gewaar te zijn van al die innerlijke waarnemingen. Het brengt het vertrouwen terug, zowel in het lichaam als in alles wat ik in mijn werkzame leven gedaan...

Doris W. Manager, Amsterdam

Cas Rooseboom's fascia release treatments have brought my back pain complaints back to a manageable level for years and sometimes they are completely gone. During these confrontational and sometimes painful treatments, he not only made the stuck…

Alex G., Filmmaker, Amsterdam

Cas is super reliable and well organized, takes his time, is patient and wise. When I snored terribly for a while, bringing my girlfriend to the brink of despair, I went to see Cas for a consultation. After only a few treatments, the complaint was…

Floris H. Real estate lawyer, Amersfoort

I had a tingling foot. And now hardly any more. Thanks to Cas through acupuncture and Fascia Release. But Cas has done much more for me. He has devised exercises to reduce the tingling even more and pointed out my posture. As a result...

Peter A. asset manager, Volendam

I heard Cas talk about acupuncture and how to get up fresh every morning and start the day full of energy. I thought I want that too. Acupuncture has always been a bit of a far from my bed show. In recent years I heard the term more often, but the step...

Sandrine K. Coach with nursing background, Amstelveen

For years, I've been walking around with back problems. A memento that I have left over from two births of my children, who apparently were in quite a hurry to want to come to this earth. For the image: my youngest is now almost 7. For seven years experience...

Karin K., Tea sommelier, Hillegom

I've been walking around with a particularly sore thumb since last fall. Due to circumstances I did not get to look at it. At the beginning of this year it started to become very annoying and I came to a hand specialist via the GP who determined that it was a...

Astrid vd L. life coach, Amsterdam

After a fall with my bike I had problems with my wrist and ankle, although I was able to put weight on them well, the pain remained. After 1 treatment the pain in my ankle was permanently gone and in my wrist a lot less. The explanation Cas gives during the treatment is nice, it puts you...

Yvonne G. Beauty specialist, Moordrecht

I read about Cas and Fascia Release in a magazine. I've been doing yin yoga for years, so decided to make an appointment right away! Who knows, it might help loosen my connective tissue! The best part was that during the treatments I actually...

Sylvia~Isaya, Massage therapeut

From an outer still life to inner compassion

After a turbulent career as a dancer, model and performing artist, I turned the wheel 180 degrees in 1995 and started studying massage therapy about how the human body functions, not knowing that this subject would still fascinate me now, 25 years later.

When I had obtained my diploma in Naturopathic Massage and Movement Therapist, I realized, thanks to all the knowledge I had gained, that I was only at the very beginning of many studies that would follow each other over the years.

Most interesting, however, were my personal life experiences, the many clients and diverse requests for help that have formed the basis for the deeper connective tissue work now.

I have undergone all fascia-related treatments that I give myself, I know what to expect and I will guide you step by step in sometimes challenging connective tissue manipulations.

I teach you to look at yourself again without prejudice, to look together for what moves you.

The connective tissue/body work has taught me a deep respect for life and from that thought I like to commit myself to help you get more pleasure out of your life by having a pain-free body.

Linda O., Healthcare professional, Heerhugowaard

“My daughter (9 years old) dreamed of a pair of 'new feet'. She told this to someone and that person referred us to Sylvia. As a mother I went with my daughter, I saw a very nice result after a few treatments. I almost became...

Rene v. H., Entrepreneur and Board Member

Treatments Structural Integration ATSI “Until May 2018 I was in reasonable condition, although I suffered from back and neck problems, but that was bearable. I still don't know what caused it, but after that month of last year, my mobility suddenly deteriorated and I felt...

Monique J., Jurist, Amsterdam

Treatments Structural integration ATSI “Unfortunately last August I became ill. During my recovery period I visited Sylvia. I already had experience with therapy that focuses on connective tissue. Sylvia does things a little differently and focuses on balancing...

Mrs. B., Office manager, Amsterdam

“When I got breast cancer, the ground slipped from under my feet, and I ended up on a rollercoaster of events in which I barely recognized myself. Despite the help of my family and friends, I became exhausted and tired of talking but the weekly…

Family G., Amsterdam

“My uncle always looked forward to the massage, because of his brain tumor he could no longer sleep and he became very restless. He also had a lot of pain especially in his legs, but when he was massaged he could sleep and rest for a while and he felt relaxed. Mine...

C. van Ballegooy, Head of Department/Management Hospice Buitenhof, Amsterdam

“When there is a massage, our residents sleep more peacefully, there is no pain or fear, people can just relax for a while, be human. That is not only great to see, that is what we are all doing together for.”

Mrs. L. Z., Creative therapist, Groningen

“Following the online module “purify your body” has given me a lot. Sylvia Musmin is a very involved therapist with an enormous amount of knowledge in a wide area. Since I have taken the module I have been more aware of my body. By paying attention to...

mr. J.B., Amsterdam, age 55

“I started 'pure your body' from my aim to become as healthy as possible. After preliminary research it turned out that my acid-base balance was reasonably in order but not optimal and that's why I started doing this. I have enjoyed the guidance and advice of Sylvia...

Erik L., Dental Physician, Amsterdam

“It's unprecedented, but I can move my left arm behind my back almost without pain. After more than 3/4 years of worrying, this is a pleasant change. The “Meine Base” cure has worked out very well and I have been doing it with conviction for over a week now. In the morning the...

Marielle B., Entrepreneur, Amsterdam

“I came to Sylvia through a friend because I was suffering from my body not functioning properly. Because I have always been involved in sports (tennis, hockey, volley, skating, golf, sailing, surfing) it annoyed me that everything was no longer painless and...