“My daughter's dream (9 years old) was a pair of 'new feet'. She told someone about this and that person referred us to Sylvia. As a mother I went with my daughter, I saw a very nice result after a few treatments. I almost got jealous myself! Because I also had a lot of wishes for me and my body.

I had become more and more crooked over the years, this had to do with insecurity, among other things. It was often said: stand up straight! I kept that up for 1 minute at the most. Then I thought: I can't do it. As a result, I only became more curvy and I don't come across as the confident person I want to be. In addition, I had been wearing arch supports since I was 12 years old, I have a lump in both my big toes, and I regularly had problems with my lower and upper back, upper legs and knees. In short, I regularly suffered from something that hindered my daily life and my work.

Now after more than 12 treatments, which Sylvia has given me with a lot of dedication, time, expertise, insight and love, my posture has improved a lot, my back suffers much less, I come across as much more self-confident and all this will be in the future. only improve in the near future. Moreover, after the 5th treatment, I could say goodbye to 30 years of wearing arch supports!

In short, I am a 'new Linda', which opens new doors for me. I am really grateful to Sylvia for this! I would therefore recommend Sylvia's treatments and the piece of coaching she provides during this process to everyone. My and my daughter's dream came true!”

Linda O., Healthcare professional, Heerhugowaard