Qigong & Taichi

Calm, collected and
relax to balance.


Soft Chinese fitness exercises based on the graceful movements of Bamboo in the wind.

Move with the rhythm of breathing.

Resilient and vital, rooted and centered, firm and steadfast.

Calm standing movements strengthen the balance, increase flexibility and bring a pleasant rest to the body.

Moving on a relaxed breath helps to guide the flow of emotions and to increase confidence in the body.

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Easy to learn exercise series of 9 movements that you repeat 9 times.


Versatile challenging exercise that consists of long movements performed slowly in a steady form that you learn by repeating it over and over. Like a river eroding its bed, moving efficiently, moving like water.

You balance your body and increase your fitness.

An inner martial art, with only one opponent, your greatest opponent, yourself.


class schedule

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