Acupuncture treatments naturally and safely restore pain and stress that originate from imbalances between body and mind.

Vitality and complaint handling

For whom?

Acupuncture is suitable for anyone who is looking for natural and safe support for physical and mental complaints. We see people of all ages and from all life stages. With both acute and chronically related pain or stress symptoms.

Our structural integration approach requires active participation in the treatment process. With the underlying idea that health is a verb that stands for: being independent in body and mind. It should be noted that we are social beings with the ability to support each other.

How does it look?

A regular acupuncture treatment lasts about 60 minutes, during which the acupuncturist makes an inventory, conducts a physical diagnosis and asks you questions to stimulate the dialogue with your body. Based on this information, a treatment strategy is chosen on which one or more acupuncture needles are placed, which remain in place for a longer or shorter period of time.

The number of treatments depends on each individual complaint. For acute complaints, 1 treatment may be sufficient, for chronic, long-lasting complaints, this is expected to be more. We start from a rule of thumb that 3 treatments are needed for a result that lasts. Results are:

  1. Complaint is gone
  2. Complaint is less
  3. There is insight into what is needed.

To get a result, it is recommended to follow the first treatments weekly or fortnightly, if more is needed you can switch to monthly sessions.

In addition to the physical treatments, you will also receive practical advice and/or assignments that you can do independently to support your body. Think food, exercise and meditation.

What can you expect?

Because acupuncture works on the whole body, the feeling that your body is one whole is an important result. This brings peace and is a sign that your body is looking for its own balance.

In this balance, which works on the organs as well as on the extremities (legs, arms, head), blockages and cold or heat complaints are resolved. By stimulating the blood flow and the immune system, physical and mental cramps are reduced and the body regains its flexibility to deal with stress. You become more relaxed and experience more strength.

Improved balance between being active, exercising during the day and sleeping at night, a healthy appetite and a well-functioning digestive system. All this with a relaxed, calm breathing.

Almost all health insurance policies reimburse acupuncture from the supplementary package.

Op Care guide you can check this per insurer.

If you are dissatisfied with our treatments and you cannot resolve it with us, you can this way file a complaint.