Yoga & Meditation

The calm, controlled and relaxed journey to balance between body and mind.

Learn to Meditate

Get to know Meditation in 2 practical courses. Learn to sit without outward movement, and get a grip on where your inner movement is. Being practical with 'being in your midst’ which is the literal translation of meditation.

By meditating, you develop greater concentration and improve your sleep. 1 hour 'deep'’ meditation can replace 3 hours of sleep. Your life becomes more efficient. The relationship with yourself and the world around you becomes clearer.

In course 1 you learn in one meditation of half an hour, and in course 2 you get acquainted with 20 different meditations

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Get to know yoga, the history of yoga and what yoga could give you.

In a course of 10 quiet, progressively more intensive lessons you will find relaxation and your body becomes more flexible. Through an ascending series of exercises, which run through the development of yoga, you will experience what the different styles of yoga do to your body and you will get an initial understanding of how you could train yourself and why you would want to. to do.

After this introduction you will have an idea about what yoga is and what it does to your body, experience with different yoga styles and a practical series of 20 exercises that you can use as a warm up and cool down to maintain your body.

This lesson series can also be used as preparation for a longer yoga trajectory of a specific style.

A follow-up trajectory could be Chinese 'daoyin' Yoga.


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Chinese ‘daoyin’ Yoga

Daoyin Yoga is the combination of Hatha Yoga (control of the body) and Raja Yoga (control of the mind). Daoyin (guided by the breath) Yoga is built up in three phases that you learn gradually.

With powerful seated positions that open up the body, dynamic exercises to shape the body and concentrated poses that give the body direction.

Daoyin Yoga helps your body to function better and to make contact with yourself and your environment.

Yin and Yang development are combined in a meditative training that is very suitable for making muscles stronger and more flexible, solving stress and aligning body and attitude to life.

With the breath the inner body is massaged while strength, radiance and beauty of the outer body is increased. Daoyin Yoga is an intelligent relaxing Yoga for pleasure in your body.


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