Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture

If you look in the mirror and it doesn't make you feel happy, your face may not reflect how you feel. Acupuncture has methods to make your inner youthfulness part of your appearance again.

Acupuncture Pathway Facial Rejuvenation

For whom?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your face because it doesn't match how you feel?
  • Have you worked hard on your career and are now more like your colleagues than yourself?
  • Or did you take care of the children diligently and when you finally had time to look in the mirror you no longer recognized yourself…?
  • Traces of illness and trauma can also stubbornly mark painful memories on the face while you have resumed your life.

These are some examples where facial rejuvenation acupuncture can offer a solution.

The face is the last part of the body that has grown around the age of 30. That is why we do not recommend facial treatments if you are younger than 30. It is of course possible that you are still dissatisfied with your face. Then you are very welcome to take a look at this with us. There may be an underlying cause that your face doesn't match how you feel.

How does it look?

Youth (yang) fades with age, you can see this in old people who start to bend. This process starts much earlier, of course, but mainly on the inside, Chinese medicine says the yang, the vital outward-turned force, sinks into the feet. With the facial rejuvenation treatment you remind the body to bring the yang back up to the face.

For an optimal result you need about 12 treatments, under 40, 10 is sometimes enough, above 60 it can go up to 15 treatments. A healthy lifestyle supports the cure and will positively influence the result.

We pay a lot of attention to this during the intake.

A Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment takes about 90 minutes. After the skin has been cared for, very thin needles are placed in the face, hands and feet. Depending on the wishes, extra intradermal needles can be placed in and around wrinkles.

A treatment session feels like a spicy yoga class, your body really gets to work even if you don't move yourself, the movement goes from the inside out.

What can you expect?

Because the yang finds its way back up, this provides clarity, the Yangs and the yins in the body can come 'home' again. The thoughts and emotions start to move and you have room for something new. In Chinese medicine, the face is seen as the mirror of the soul, the heart.

You have cleaned these up during the treatments so that you can see more clearly and show yourself. As a result, your eyes look clear and your skin has a healthy color. In addition, skin and muscles are given a vital tension and the eyes, mouth and jawline are given their originally round shape.

Unbalanced and tense expressions give way to a vital and serene face. These results are permanent if you maintain them with a healthy lifestyle and periodic simplified fresh-up treatments.

A present for yourself

Rejuvenation Acupuncture supports the inside and outside of the body and helps restore a vital and vibrant appearance.Up to 10 years younger with facial rejuvenation acupuncture.
Radiant, vital, healthy; an open, soft and clear face.
Rejuvenation acupuncture nourishes your face from within and fills wrinkles.
For a balanced, toned and supple face, which radiates a healthy body and young mind.

facial acupuncture
Traditionally in China the face is looked at to see the inner condition of the body.
The face is said to be the mirror of the body. With facial rejuvenation acupuncture, beauty and health go hand in hand.
You feel fit and spry with a fresh look, a face with its own natural expression and even healthy skin. Aging radiantly, looking years younger, a fresh appearance and fewer wrinkles.

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