Treatments Structural Integration ATSI

“Until May 2018 I was in reasonable condition, although I had problems with my back and neck, but that was bearable. I still don't know what caused it, but after that month last year, my mobility suddenly deteriorated and I felt ten years older in a month. Via physiotherapist to chiropractor, three times a week, twice, once, etc. and that helped somewhat, but the immobility remained unacceptable. A few treatments with an osteopath gave some air, but not enough for the time being.

Then came the introduction to Sylvia and I have now completed a trajectory of twelve, sometimes painful but mainly relaxed, treatments and walk normally again, have my condition back from ten years ago and just go to the gym again to get the to keep things in order.

All praise for her structured and professional approach, she saved me. And not to forget, what a wonderfully positive and nice person she is. She not only fixes you physically, while doing so you get some life lessons for free that make you look optimistic again in life and without a doubt give you more energy. Thanks, thanks, thanks. “

Rene v. H., Entrepreneur and Board Member