Since last fall I've been walking around with a very sore thumb. Due to circumstances I did not get to look at it. At the beginning of this year it started to become very annoying and I came through the GP to a hand specialist who determined that it was a Trigger Thumb. Treatment did not help and I had to have surgery. I made an appointment for a few months later.

In the meantime I met Cas and we talked about my Trigger Thumb. Cas also asked me the necessary questions about the circumstances, namely the illness and the eventual death of my father. He flawlessly made the connection that it had to do with the lung meridian and that it stands for sadness, among other things. I made an appointment for treatments and again Cas asked a lot of questions. I was impressed by his calm and wise way of analyzing and acting so full of attention and compassion.

The treatment was special and I immediately felt that everything was set in motion everything started to flow again. Apart from the fact that I rarely slept as well as that night after the treatment, my thumb quickly improved and after another treatment I was virtually pain free. Now, a few months later, I don't have any more pain.

I was able to cancel the operation and I was spared the painful rehabilitation process outlined. Cas you are a whopper, the magic needle man!