I had a tingling foot. And now hardly any more. Thanks to Cas through Acupuncture and Fascia Release.

But Cas has done much more for me. He devised exercises to reduce the tingling even more and pointed out my posture. As a result, he takes a photo before each session in order to determine where I was crooked and what needed to be worked on during the session. And after every session it felt like I was walking on clouds. So relaxed and laid back.

Honesty compels me to say that I had completely different associations with “Fascia Release”. Nothing is less true. On his website it is described as follows: “with clear, calm manipulations and movements, the fascia (connective tissues) are loosened in specific places. The result is structural balance: the pelvis in equilibrium above the feet and the shoulders and neck above the pelvis. A relaxed balance in which the body works together. And it is true that the connective tissue is loosened. Man, did I hurt. Before that connective tissue is loose, I had the feeling that the skin was also taken along with the bone. Okay now I'm exaggerating. But the saying “whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer pain” is somewhat true here. But the result was there. You feel completely smooth and comfortable in your own skin again.

Cas, many thanks for thinking along, thanks for the acupuncture and thanks for the hellish pains, I feel great.