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Chinese adem Yoga

Daoyin Yoga is the combination of hatha yoga (body control) and King of Yoga (mind control). Dao-yin literally means: 'guided by the breath’ and is also called Chinese breath yoga. Daoyin Yoga is taught in 3 levels. In this course you will find recordings of the first 10 lessons of Daoyin Yoga level 1 and an accompanying pdf with theory and the names of the postures.

This meditative training is very suitable for making muscles more powerful and flexible, resolving stress and aligning body and attitude to life.

With powerful sitting postures that open up the body, dynamic exercises to shape the body and concentrated poses that give the body direction.

With the breath the inner body is massaged while strength, radiance and beauty of the outer body increases. The yin's and yang's of the body are developed and strengthened. Which allows you to function better and be more in touch with yourself and your environment.

Dao-yin Yoga is an intelligent relaxing Yoga for pleasure in your body.