Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that protects against radiation. Ideal next to the bed and/or workplace.


Black tourmaline one of the best stones to use against all types of negativity, including spiritual negativity and EMF radiation. It absorbs the bad energy and transforms it into positive energy. If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, work with a computer, laptop or tablet all day long, watch TV before going to sleep, etc., black tourmaline can help protect against the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices. In addition to this powerful effect, the stone is also known as an aid for grounding, health, happiness, joy and positivity.

Black tourmaline is also known to help against panic attacks, especially those caused by dark places or confined spaces. If you rub the black tourmaline in your hands, it can help to quickly remedy the panic attack. Black tourmaline can also help boost your immunity by spreading supportive energies to your organs. This energy can improve your blood circulation and remove harmful toxins from your body. Its energy can help with your metabolism and keep your body running smoothly.

Suggested Use
Here are some ideas on how to use black tourmaline for both energy healing and practicality:

• Black tourmaline is one of our most popular stones to wear for protection and grounding.
• Black tourmaline absorbs electromagnetic radiation.
You can place pieces of black tourmaline next to your electronic devices, such as your router, TV, computer, and microwave.
• Black tourmaline is a good stone to use during meditation.

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