root power 150gr

WurzelKraft is purely a pleasure, but it also tastes delicious in vegetable and fruit juices, porridge, muesli, apple sauce, linseed or olive oil, salad dressing, chilled soups and vegetable dishes. To ensure that vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other valuable ingredients are retained, WurzelKraft is only added to the food after it has cooled to consumption temperature.


WurzelKraft is the omnimolecular food from P. Jentschura. It uniquely combines the power of more than 100 plants. The granule powder with herbs, bee pollen fruits and vegetables contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids that your body needs. Wurzelkraft is extremely suitable for supplementing any shortages of vitalizing substances and life energies. Wurzelkfraft neutralizes waste products and strengthens intestinal and kidney functions. The superfood for a good acid-base balance! Over the past 20 years, WurzelKraft has conquered the market of vitality suppliers for long-lasting health, beauty and performance.

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