Breakfast you fit

Breakfast your fit is a richly filled, beautifully designed cookbook. With surprisingly tasty, easy-to-prepare breakfasts that can support you to take even better care of yourself. Delicious hot breakfasts in all seasons.


Do you want to take your first effective steps in Chinese nutrition, but are you missing a piece of guidance? Then the book 'Breakfast je fit - Starting with the five elements of nutrition' is the right choice.

Content of the book

• backgrounds of the TCM and five elements nutrition
• information about why some 'warm' foods have an extremely cooling effect on the body
• information about why some drinks dehydrate the body
• information about what you can eat to avoid slimming the body
• why breakfast is all about breakfast and it is the most important meal of the day
• clear explanation of which dishes are good for your health
• effect of the ingredients on the body
• 50 energizing and beneficial recipes
without (wheat) gluten, animal milk products*
*with the exception of butter.

Products can be picked up at the practice.