7x 7 thee 50st

Delicious as hot tea, but also as a refreshing thirst quencher with, for example, mint and lemon or even as lemonade for the children. The tea ensures continuous cleansing of the body and can be used perfectly as a slag remover (deacidification) in the base cure.


P. Jentschura 7×7 Herbal Tea 250 grams contains a large amount of trace elements and minerals in the 49 herbs, seeds, spices, roots, fruits and flowers. Many of the herbs used come from the wild. The balanced composition of the herbal mixture ensures the unique, pleasant taste and good digestibility of the 7×7 Herbal Tea.

In popular parlance it is rightly called “a herb has been washed against it”, because the knowledge about tea herbs and their effect has been tested for centuries and is successfully applied in natural medicine and even in modern pharmacy.

The refined harmonic selection of 49 ingredients of the 7×7 Herbal Tea is not only mild and easily digestible, but also makes a valuable contribution to supporting a healthy acid-base balance.

The tea with its unique recipe of selected herbs, seeds, spices, roots and blossoms is a proven companion during everyday life and provides extraordinary moments of pleasure. With the
P. Jentschura 7×7 Herbal Tea we use the entire "orchestral" of plant substances with all its secrets and energy for sustainable well-being.

The P. Jentschura 7×7 Herbal Tea 250 grams can be brewed completely individually in the winter, as a refreshing thirst quencher in the summer with mint or lime, but also as Schorle fruit juice. This makes our tea a great tasting, refreshing and invigorating pleasure at any time of the year. Discover, experience and enjoy the world of herbs with the P. Jentschura 7×7 Herbal Tea.

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