What Sylvia has done feels like a small miracle. After seven years of complaints, I can finally move without pain and even cycle again. The complaints started when I was 25 (I'm now 32) with a football injury. I tore my hamstring shooting. And since then I have suffered from one injury to another, such as pain in my knee, ankle, hip, back and neck.

Naturally, I visited specialists, such as physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, manual doctors and rehabilitation doctors. In plural, indeed. Because after one specialist couldn't help me, I went to another. I have been to more than ten physiotherapists and even to a number of hospitals for MRIs of my knee and back. The conclusion of the specialists and doctors was fairly consistent: There is nothing wrong with your joints, the complaints seem to arise from an underdeveloped balance. I had to work on my abdominal muscles, back muscles and balance exercises in general. I followed that dutifully – I can now plank for five minutes straight – but I still had complaints.

I have played sports all my life and spent a lot of time outside. When I tore my hamstring, the physio recommended 6 weeks of rest and exercises. That seemed like an eternity, but it was a concrete goal. When that goal was not achieved, and weeks became months and months became years, my courage sank. It made me grumpy because my complaints did not go away and even got worse and I also had pain in my knee, ankle, hip, neck and back in daily life.

Back to Sylvia. After a pleasant introduction, the first important insight came. She took photos from four perspectives. Front, back and both sides. We looked at the photos together while she analyzed my body. That was quite a shock, because the right side of my body had 'sagged'. My body was tilted like an Amsterdam warehouse leaning on the canal. My right shoulder was a few centimeters below my left shoulder, the right side of my ribcage was turned inward, my neck was crooked, my right hip was higher than my left hip and both legs were tight. of tension to compensate for what was happening in my upper body.

That was quite an insight and especially something that I had not heard from all those specialists. And the great thing was: Sylvia was able to explain how the crooked position affected my posture and that she could solve it.

Sessions followed, three to four times a month. Sometimes relaxing, but more often quite painful. After a few months, something astonishing happened. I looked in the mirror and saw that my right shoulder was almost at the level of my left shoulder again. So it continued step by step, and now after 9 months of treatment, my body is practically straight again and I only occasionally suffer from the complaints.

It's going so well that I can walk for days on end during a weekend away and exercise again without any problems. I find football to be a risky sport because of the short and twisting movements, but cycling is a dusted-off passion that I have picked up again.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I had arch supports. According to a few physiotherapists visited, these would ensure a balanced position and therefore a balanced body. I never experienced the advantages, but I did experience the disadvantages, such as shoes that no longer fit and suffering from all kinds of problems when I walked barefoot for a few days on holiday. Sylvia's treatment made the arch supports obsolete within weeks and I never wore them again.

In conclusion: Sylvia works with dedication on your recovery and how you feel is close to her heart. As a bonus, you will receive interesting, fun, funny or insightful conversations that make a painful treatment a lot more bearable.”

Ewoud A., Copywriter, Amsterdam